Things to consider while developing mobile apps with React Native

Here are the top things to consider while developing mobile apps with React Native:

Posted January 1,2022 in Science and Technology.

If you are thinking to build the application using JavaScript nothing can beat react native. It has come with many great features like developing cross-platform applications for iOS as well as Android. At presentReact Native application developmenthas changed the entire way of mobile application development by offering.

React Native allows you to combine mobile apps precisely with JavaScript and it uses the same design as react which allows you to compose a rich mobile user interface utilizing the declarative components.

Here are the top things to consider while developing mobile apps with React Native:

  1. The purpose of developing React Native Apps

The main purpose of using react native is because its a leading framework for Cross-PlatformMobile App Development. React Native is not only fast but also allows us to use underlying components that are barely accessible from a Web-View application.

  1. Choose the right navigation library

Its essential to opt for the right navigation library as per the project requirement. Hence, there are two types of navigation libraries: The JavaScript navigators and the Native navigators.

The JavaScript navigators are easier to set up while the Native navigators are more performance-oriented. So be wise and figure out which one you need then choose from the varieties of options available.

React Native application development

  1. Use Expo-Kit only when Needed

Expo-kit is one of the best open-source tool kits for react native, but keep in mind React Native doesnt support third-party packages with custom native modules, and so youll have to eject the Expo-Kit later.

In case you want a quick playground to create a new application through a create-react-native-app package, or you know that all the requirements of the app can be covered from Expos offered solutions.

  1. React Native Styling

React Native style works the same as CSS but doesnt have cascade, and provides limited inheritance. Plus every element inReact Native Developmentis flex by default. If you keep your components small, both user interface and styles fixed on a single page, you probably wont face any issues.

  1. Performance

There is no doubt React Native offers great performance with short development cycles and finishes the project on time. Moreover, React Native offers great features such as hot reloading which speeds up the bundling process and so you can see each change on the emulator or your device in no time.

The purpose of developing React Native apps

  1. Use CSS-in-JS wrapper library

While using React Native, you have to stick with CSS written in JavaScript. But in case, if you want to make any CSS change, instead of using StyleSheet.create a method and writing code as pure JavaScript, Its better to use the Styled Components library. Plus, it will enhance your CSS experience to React Native very much.

Final Word:

From the above information, its clear why react native is one of the most popular frameworks in the tech world. React Native allows web app developers to build robust mobile apps using their JavaScript knowledge. React Native has the potential to offer instant mobile development options and more efficient code re-usabilityacross android, iOS, or web platforms without sacrificing the user experience on the quality of the application.

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