Blocking is the current theme of basketball 2K22

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Posted December 12,2021 in Gaming.

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We believe that the most NBA 2K22 MT effective card among those Pink Diamonds is Wilt Chamberlain. Pick and Roll and Blocking is the current theme of basketball 2K22, and Wilt Chamberlain excels on both sides. Wilt blocks shots like flies and is able to give or take in exchange for pick and rolls.

If you're a fan of offense, Devin Booker can also be considered one of the top MyTEAM Basketball Player Cards for NBA 2K22. He's extremely versatile on offense. He can post up and drive, or move the ball around using his 3-pointer threat. He's also a good Pick and Roll handler and is able to defend very well.

He's not as efficient as Wilt in blocking, though this is his most dangerous attribute. He's also easily pushed around by bigger players. His lower Strength rating, and could be in a position of being pushed or pushed back.

Finally, if you want a solid perimeter defender complement your squad, you can not choose to go with Rajon Rondo. While he's certainly not the most prolific scoring player due to his awful shooting stats but he's among the most effective on-ball defenders in the game. You can change to your playmaker and let the AI do the work of protecting the ball player by dragging Rajon Rondo all around. While the ball is in his grasp Rondo is an excellent playmaker, driving inside and be able to finish strong.

Of course it is true that the current king has to be Carmelo Anthony. Based on stats alone, it appears that the number 96 OVR card is the most valuable card at the moment. It's a lot work to earn him, though, as it is necessary grind through Season 1 in order to earn him. But once you acquire Carmelo Anthony.

You'll have in your possession the bestBuy 2K MT in offense in the game right now. It's easy to forgive his defense because you can easily catch up on scoring. However, that doesn't mean that his defense isn't great however it's certainly not the most effective. Give Melo some ball most of the time , he'll come up scoring as you go to the opposite area of court.

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