The NBA 2K games have become the most iconic basketball game

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Posted December 12,2021 in Gaming.

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In the warm and welcomingNba 2k22 Mt illumination of Jukebox Studios located in West London, D Double E, wearing a trendy, classic Chicago Bulls tracksuit--is preparing to see the first glimpse of the latest version of the NBA 2K franchise, NBA 2K22 on the PS5.

Being raised in East London an avid basketball fan himself The grime icon has witnessed the growth of basketball from both a cultural and gaming standpoint throughout the years. As for D Double E, as young Londoner court basketball wasn't available as easily as they are today.

As he recounted in our interview, the games weren't "looking as real as they do now." There are no more days that of NBA Jam on Super Nintendo and NBA Street on PlayStation 2 where, although legendary games of their era are still in play, the real-world quality and depth present in the new generation of console games hadn't yet been fully realized.

The NBA 2K games have become the most iconic basketball game in the last decade, expanding in terms of scope and size with every release. This year's game will feature the re-introduction and evolution of The City on New Gen consoles--where players can move around, explore and personalize their avatar, as they embark on missions and construct their careers in a brand new and exciting method. There's even more customization options, including some the options D Double E tested out for himself.

In addition to his song "Deeper" to be a part of the soundtrack, after a couple of hours playing NBA 2K22 D Double E talked to us about his love for the sport, his first impressions of the sport, what is the value of the partnership among the UK as well as the US and, of course, all things grime.
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