The previous year's "NBA 2K21" arrived on the new PS5 / XBOX SX

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Posted December 12,2021 in Gaming.

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The previous year's "NBA 2K21" arrived on the new PS5 / XBOX SX next-generation platform for the first time. The new dynasty change will be inevitably entail massive changes, and it will inevitably leave people feeling that it is clear that the new-generation platform has not yet been used up.

The new episode in "NBA 2K22" is now available for viewing. The factory not only added an offensive defense, defensive and dribbling system for the sport, but the inside and out of the court, like the highly anticipated the basketball arena (The City), has also been upgraded in every aspect. If you take into account both entertainment as well as gameplay, are you basketball fans ready to start?

Its cover on the basic version of "NBA 2K22" is blessed by the popular Luka Doncic in recent years. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of the NBA the company also released a special NBA year 75 commemorative edition. It features comic-style Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Dirk These covers featuring Dirk Nowitzki And Kevin Durant pay tribute to these contemporary stars.

But, all players must pay attention to the fact that the new version "NBA 2K22" (PS5/XBOX SERIES S/X) as well as the previous generation version (PS4/XBOX ONE S/X) won't be compatible for free and will need purchase separately. The only exception is "NBA 2K22" is the cross-generation digital bundle edition and the NBA 75th anniversary edition Edition support both the old and new platforms. The players should make sure to select the right version when downloading the digital version.

The show's protagonist Luka Doncic Buy NBA 2K MT Coins would be playing the cover character of "NBA 2K22". I am sure it won't seem too controversial. He was only 22 age when he was selected by the NBA's best team last season . He is also a well-known MVP candidate! If you have watched the debut to the 2K YouTube channel.

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