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Posted November 11,2021 in Gaming.

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The shooting speed is fasterNba 2k22 Mt and old players also need to spend some time getting comfortable with the new shooting feel. However, the bar for shooting has been modified to the vertical version most familiar to series players.

On the defensive On the defensive, the computer AI's front defense and additional defense actions are more swift and violent, and the success rate of powerful jumps and pick-and roll cuts are greatly diminished. To complete the offense more efficiently, players might need to deploy some more complex tactics.

The major update for the next generation version is the "City of Basketball" in the community mode. "The "City of Basketball" in NBA 2K22 has been reintroduced to the community mode in 2K18 19. It combines the main storyline with the enormous "Basketball City" players have to expand their commercial territory with side jobs such as music and fashion trends as well as their basketball career. To become an NBA player with a full development of intelligence, morality, physicality, artistic and labor.

The game plot of this game is still the familiar design used in the 2K series. AI Junior DJ, Junior other characters that were played by players in the previous generations have also become NPCs in this game. The plot line in the tale is very rich, but the IQ of the script interpretation is certainly fluctuating and many important plots lack logic. This is quite embarrassing in the context of a career model that focuses on substitution.

Player endorsements in NBA 2K22 are categorized in 10 attributes of brand. Players can accumulate brand attribute levels through various plot assignments such as community events, plot tasks, and post-match interviews. Only when they reach a certain number of fans and brand attribute levels can they obtain the corresponding endorsement qualifications.

This greatly increases the nba 2k22 mt coins time for players outside the arena. NBA 2K22 comes with an RPG-like pointing cursor for various side tasks, however, riding scooters in "Basketball City" remains a painful experience, particularly the amount of time it takes and the rewards are not very successful. Proportional.

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