We have inner Wellness surveys

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Adapting the RS3 gold approach to the decreased capacity sounds similar to this monthly update thing is temporary until you can operate from the office? Or can it be a thing? Which are"existing plans"? It would have been nice to understand that these before the plans were shelved. Are these gaps a 3/6/12 month gaps between? And by changing programs does this imply doing updates/expansions that are large?

Honestly, I am fine with this if it did sound a little PR'y since they really are throwing themselves to be fair. A team actively look to react and find opportunity in a situation that affects production output is quite rare in my own experience. It might have been easier from a development standpoint to stay the path and only take the slower delivery cadence - and lots of teams would choose that choice and toss out the COVID justification.

Speaking for this as a witness, pivoting management is no small endeavor. That takes effort, time and a great deal of coordination - and then you have to go perform on it. Butultimately, the hope is that this is the right way to go to deliver additive content and prevent big gaps.

On the WFH front, your case is the same for some others here in Jagex too, but maybe not for most (particularly those with kids or less than perfect work environments). We have inner Wellness surveys which people respond to combined with Production Estimates that have proven the gradual drop in productivity - final quote was over 30% down. I could say I am definitely not working and mentally taxed in my best in those conditions. It is a tough situation for many.

On temporary or permanent approach: This is an adaptation to our situation at the moment. We want to return to those massive Archaeology sized content hits in the future. If this strategy is popular, that said, I can't imagine we wouldn't take cues from that in our article remote-working strategies either. To the stuff we declared at Runefest - that were mostly all big pieces of content: This refers on the plan.

We announced Orthen is still in the works now and - more long duration - EGWD has. The target is to deliver meaningful Small and Medium additive content more often (like the next Alchemical stuff we mentioned today), together with occasional strikes of larger content (something such as Orthen). Concerning that cadence or dates for bigger content hits, we have strategies on how often we would like that to be but it is not something that we are in a place to communicate now. As we get in the rhythm of this new production approach, we will start to construct a more consistent picture and talk timelines at a little more confidence.

I will believe it when I see it. Jagex has had a history of saying the right things, getting folks hyped not delivering what they said they went to deliver. Community complains, Jagex finally says the ideal things, promises things will change, people become hyped they under deliver. Repeat. Warden asserting to buy RuneScape gold be transparent and stay tuned to your roadmap in January!!! We have nothing and he's finally said no roadmap has been coming.