So to sum up this segment

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So to sum NBA MT Coins up this segment, I don't really have a fancy back of the box marketing name for the work that went to gameplay equilibrium and"fun-ifying" the on-court experience, but I'm pretty confident that longtime lovers of 2K basketball will notice the improvements and appreciate what the team managed to accomplish.

The Pro Stick has been a staple of 2K basketball for years and for the most part, has gone unchanged since its beginning. For NBA 2K21, we saw this as a chance to freshen up the game on the offensive end. In previous games, you could hold the Guru Stick in any direction. This season, we're creating a change to the Pro Stick works. With this change, we've managed to greatly extend the dribble move arsenal and give you access to more motions in a more intuitive control scheme.

After a match or 2, it will feel second nature and will have you busting ankles in no time! Together with the remap, the motions themselves have been overhauled to be significantly more responsive and chain-able. Street moves have been transferred into a tap of the left trigger also, so you won't be shooting off them by accident when you're breaking down defenders in the Park. And for the NBA size-ups, we have added several new signatures like Harden's around the leg dribble, a new version of Kobe's dance, and Durant's patented hesi cross.

Still another NBA legend, Nate Robinson, arrived for motion capture this year and gave us some really exceptional moves that I will leave for you to locate as well. You can even play size-up dribbles on the move by holding the Guru Stick Up and with the left stick to move your player in any way. And when you factor in most of the 1-to-1 size-up packages and fresh customizable escape dribbles, there is really no limit to the types of combos you can pull away in NBA 2K21.

Dribble moves were. Bound shooting and finishing in the rim have been points of emphasis. We wanted to make scoring the basketball an art both from the perimeter and in the rim, so we brainstormed and prototyped a variety of different shooting mechanisms for this season's game. What we settled on was a notion conceptually similar to something we attempted in NBA 2K17... Shot Stick Aiming. Aiming did not really work that well in NBA 2K17 since it was a bit buried, did not have a lot of skill built into it, and did not give the user any feedback. We chose those learnings buy mt coins and used them to create a much better solution this time around.