Take a look at the number of Runescape players

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Posted October 10,2021 in Gaming.

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The second is to keep OSRS GP forums updated with more voice and options. Let players ignore others and use other tools to build networks in the forums. Allow forums on RS forums to enjoy the flexibility and freedom of Facebook. It is easy to group. Jagex's hidden forums aren't to be trusted. They've created forums that are unresponsive and have distorted the community.

Create a player council, and let players choose 12 members that are able to approve updates. A modest one, just a few hundred thousand dollars per year or less. Make use of Facebook and Twitter to interact with forums.

This will stop years from repeating 2012's mistakes. Jagex didn't listen to players in 2012. For example 90% of players are fans of SoF and 80% of players love EoC, which were just plain stupid things to Jagex to declare. It's either adapt or die, which is a bit of nonsense. Talking is better however, the time is running out. Tick Tock Jagex.

EOC is a huge cause that I support. The best thing about games and all technological advancement is that they keep evolving. If you think back to 13 years ago when runescape was first launched, consider the advancements in technology and gaming over the past thirteen years.

Take a look at the number of Runescape players who left to join other MMORPGs that use the same system. It's true, World of Warcraft. Even though I'm not suggesting Runescape has more in common with WOW, that would be a mistake. However most moos today adhere to the EOC-style HCI. What is the reason 99% of players do this?

It's been proven efficient. The runescape, both from a game and business perspective, would not survive without updating. Jagex in the end is a business which has to pay its employees, pay tax and, most importantly, make profits. If they didn't keep runescape in line with its competitors, it could quickly be a victim of.

All things are dependent buy old school runescape gold on change and evolution, but technology is making this even more crucial. It is simple to conclude humans are the dominant race due to the changes they have made to their surroundings. However, that's a a different story.

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